Safe Glass Company is a young, but a unique enterprise in the territory of Ukraine, which provides full production cycle of automotive glass, every day honing their skills. In our factory we apply innovative technology and unique equipment, which make it possible to satisfy the desire of the client - that is our primary objective and, moreover, to compete with foreign producers.

Safe Glass dynamic and has a reputation as a reliable and stable partner on the Ukrainian market and beyond. Well-established and long-term relationships with our partners allow us to guarantee the quality of products to our customers. Thanks to a highly qualified and certified staff, we offer our customers high quality of work performed. The main purpose: high-quality service through the use of innovative technologies, personal approach to each of our clients, regular training of personnel!

Safe Glass Factory engineered using advanced technology and a high-precision equipment from leading manufacturers. In the production of automotive glass factory used exclusively natural raw materials, which allows to obtain the output of environmentally friendly products. It is characterized by a high degree of chymotrypsin and water resistance, excellent strength and perfect design. Extensive experience in this area makes it possible to supply its products to major leading companies in Ukraine and abroad.