SafeGlassFactory provides qualified glass solutions for architectural and aesthetic needs.

  • Double Glazed Glasses
  • Reflective Glasses
  • Tempered Glasses

Modern trends in design, building construction often dictate incredibly interesting options, including the popular design of the facade and other parts of the building is glass. Despite the fact that this durable building material brittle enough, many believe his beautiful and cost-effective, and it is, indeed, true.

Buy architectural glass from the manufacturer - this is a unique opportunity to be creative when placing your order. Firstly, you can order a double glazing (buy in Ukraine can be at relatively low cost) in different formats using triplex and achieve extraordinary aerodynamics facade. Secondly, in our range of double glazing (wholesale price has low performance) has excellent svetootrazhaemostyu. Choosing a reflective glass to order, you will no doubt make sure that in the winter it keeps the warmth in the room, not missing the cold street. Third, we suggest you purchase a glass made in different color shades, which will ensure the confidentiality of your home or office, in which people on the street will be able to see only reflected, and the room is bright and clear.