The products of Safe Glass Factory preferred by most local and international vehicle brands.

  • Laminated Windshields
  • Heated Windshields
  • Encapsulated Windshields
  • Solar Control Athermic Windshields
  • Laminated Sidelites
  • Laminated Side and Backlites
  • Heated Backlites
  • Aluminum / Panoramic Framed Glasses
  • Double Glazed Glasses
  • Solar Control Privacy Side and Backlites
  • Tempered Sidelites

During trips to various bus flying glass brings a huge number of tests, it can be, climate rainfall, preventing poor visibility and the only tool in this case, become bosom wipers. And maybe a bird or insect, which in addition to the application of dirt can sometimes break the glass itself. To avoid such troubles on the road, the owner of any type of commercial vehicle has to know how to choose the auto-glass minibuses that their operation was as long and reliably as possible.